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Charlotte W.

San Francisco, CA

"I started seeing Dr. Kindler ten years ago for a shoulder injury. I am a landscaper, and my doctor’s assessment was that I either needed to have surgery or quit doing the work I was doing. Both options seemed extreme…   so I took a trip to Dr. Kindler’s office on a friend’s strong recommendation. In what I consider a miraculous turn of events, Dr. Kindler has helped me get to a place where I can maintain my body and still do this really hard physical work. Not only is she extremely well-trained and knowledgeable, she is also very intuitive- a potent combination in the healing profession! Dr. Kindler does soft tissue work and uses an activator and a drop table to enable a more controlled release of whatever needs to be released. In general, it makes one feel less vulnerable than the typical way chiropractors work by cracking your back. I’d say don’t give up on your injury until you’ve seen Dr. Kindler!"

Joe O.

San Jose, CA

"If you're a chiropractic skeptic, this review is for you. I used to believe chiropractors were crooked robbers. I only spent money on physicians, masseuses, and physical therapists. 2 months ago I injured both my wrists. I tried self-care, but it progressively got worse after 2 weeks. I would wake up every morning in excruciating pain and couldn't perform the basic functions of life without pain (ex: brushing teeth, typing, texting). My advice Nurse said I should see my physician and potentially be referred to a PT, but since I'm on a high deductible health plan this year, I decided to save money and seek other, more affordable options. But massages didn't help either. I felt stuck. Until a friend recommended me to see Dr. Fischer. I was hesitant at first, but I agreed to check it out. After 2 weeks of half-assing my dental hygiene, I thought I would give it a try. My experience was amazing. Dr. Fischer treated me with respect and care. She did a detailed diagnostic of my situation and explained her treatment plan before she started. A well-rounded chiropractor will adjust your body (like a chiropractor should), massage trouble areas (like a masseuse), and give you exercises/stretches to do at home (like a PT). The whole package. Just 6 weeks into seeing Dr. Fischer, I'm 95% pain free and more importantly, brushing my teeth pain free. I'm going to continue treatment once a week until I'm 100% and will go at least once a month for the rest of my life."

Jane B.

San Francisco, CA

"I started seeing Claudia ten years ago. I went to her because I was having headaches that originated with neck tightness. Claudia always asks what’s going on with me, and then she finds things I’m not aware of when she is manipulating my body. She’s also been helpful in terms of suggesting exercises and bringing other resources into the relationship. I think the way Claudia runs her business is one of the things I like best. She’s always on time, the front office staff is kind, and I’ve never had a mistake. It feels like a very efficiently-run place. I’ve suggested Valley Chiropractic to many people because I think Claudia is trustworthy, extremely competent, and she will be the first to tell you if she can’t help you."

Nu N.

San Jose, CA

"I came in initially for a shoulder/rotator cuff issue. After a couple visits with Dr. Fischer, I was soon about 80% relieved of this problem. I would come in to see Dr. Fischer first, go through some questions for her to get a good idea of what's going on/what the current situation is, and get treated. She would be genuinely interested in how I'm doing and how I've been and what she could do to help me."

Carolin H.

San Francisco, CA

"I went to Valley Chiropractic primarily because I was concerned about arthritis in my hands. It turned out to be a great choice. Dr. Kindler is a deeply caring professional; truly dedicated to her patients’ well being. She is thoughtful, creative, and fiercely committed to finding a solution to any chiropractic challenge. Her gentle methods and close attention to your body’s unique responses to treatment instill great confidence. Once you meet her, you’ll know immediately that you’re in excellent hands."

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